The frantic increase in sales of Vans white sneakers due to their appearance in Squid Game

Squid Game first debuted on the streaming service in September and has quickly become the platform’s most-watched show thus far.

It is a drama in nine episodes. The plot centers on a sadistic game in which hundreds of people, with financial problems, compete for a reward of approximately 38 million dollars.

The contestants wear white Slip-On Vans and green sweatpants, an outfit that has already been impressed on the minds of millions of viewers around the world.

According to information from Sole Supplier, sales of the shoes have risen to 7,800%. Yes, it’s true. Almost 8 thousand percent! And in the same vein, Lyst, a company that analyzes trends in fashion data, indicates that searches for that shoe model increased 145%.

Almost everything that is used in Squid Game, besides Vans shoes, has seen a rise in sales, from clothing to candy. The series’ audience records have had a positive effect on the positioning of different product lines.

But it is not unusual to see that the relationship between TV and fashion has set trends on many occasions. Now this Netflix series has become a phenomenon, both a television success and a sales driver.

We cannot fail to see the boom that athleisure –or sporty look used in all areas of life– has had in recent years, which is increased by the worldwide success of this story of the small screen. That is why it is not surprising that the Vans sneakers worn by their characters are already a true must-have in the fashion scene.

Regarding to the features of the sneaker, we all know that Vans quality and design are always at the forefront. These Slip-On offer a lot of support and are very comfortable, both on the foot and in the pocket.

But, attention, it is likely that if you are looking for your pair of shoes, you will have to admit that the model is out of stock. We hope no one is left without their Vans Slip-On!

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